Saturday, 31 March 2012


I know when it feels useless
I know why, and I know how too
 I know the negative thoughts when they beep
I know why prostitution comes in
I know how street life jumps in
I know the hatred tree how it grows
I know all rejection signs of people
I know why one choose to be a thief
I know sufferings Am going through are not forever
I know the most high never forgets
I know the reason why all this
I know the reason that makes you against me
I know why I diverted

Just to make my future shape valuable
But it was worthless to everybody
This life of no loving back
No shortcuts,
No angles no measurements
Day and night pains in vain

I know I won’t give up
I know I will make it without your hand
I know the few with the truth will receive me

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